Jacksonville Area Man May Face Life-Sentence For Drug Charges

Jacksonville’s citizens have interesting involvements in many different activities, from clubs and organizations, to hobbies and crafts. Unfortunately for some though, one’s hobby may be use of a controlled substance and one’s organization may be a drug ring. If one has been charged with a crime such as this, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, James Lamark Early of St. Augustine has been indicted for conspiring to manufacture and distribute more than 280 grams of crack cocaine, maintaining a drug-involved premise and multiple distributions of crack cocaine. His charges came after the man allegedly ran a drug house where he sold the crack. If convicted on all counts, the man will serve a minimum life sentence because of prior drug convictions.

Jacksonville drug crimes typically involve an individual who is dealing drugs in small amounts to friends or neighbors. Most of the time, those kinds of operations are not too complicated. However, when drug houses become the path of choice, the possibility of getting caught goes considerably up as well as the amount of time one might have to serve should they face a charge such as this. Many times, it proves better to never start the habit than to reap whatever small reward one might see, and still reap all of the consequences.

Many times, the accused in a criminal prosecution can be abused at times and sometimes made a victim because of a state or federal prosecutor’s overzealous attempt to inflict as much chaos into the life of the accused as possible. Many times, the accused is mentally tortured by the highly intimidating court theatrics that a prosecutor might put on, claiming that the accused is a menace to society and should be locked away for longer than any person should ever have to spend in jail, particularly for non-violent offenses such as drug charges.

For many, the thought of having to undergo the long, tiresome and costly court proceedings, including a trial, many will be more prone to fold under and accept a plea deal from a prosecutor that does not care about the best interests of the accused. When one see’s a flashy attorney throwing around legal terms and accusing someone of an offense that may not even be what they have done, one’s morale and ability to fight may be severely diminished.

Fortunately for the accused, one does not have to fight the battle for one’s freedom alone. If one obtains an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one can be sure that one will know one’s rights, know what the prosecution is trying to spin one to be, and be able to fight for one’s innocence. One should not have to go to jail for a long period of time when one can get an experienced attorney to fix the problem before it becomes one.

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Additional Source: St. Augustine man faces possible life sentence on federal drug charges, Charles Broward, The Florida Times-Union

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