Jacksonville Area Woman Deals For Accessory Charge In Teacher Murder Case

Jacksonville residents have friends that they do everything with, from shopping, to movie watching and other activities. However, some acts, a person does not want to be involved in, but because they are friends with those people, they get swept up in the act and become an actor themselves. One in this situation should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and make sure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Barbara Jean Mundy has been charged as an accessory in the 2007 Christmas-time murder of Myrtle McKinney, a school teacher from Palatka. The charge comes after Mundy agreed to turn evidence against two others already convicted of the murder in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Jacksonville murder crimes can be some of the worst crimes to deal with in the legal system, as many people have the deck stacked against them in the pre-trial phase. Particularly in cases where there are multiple people involved in the alleged murder. However, before one can understand what one’s options are, one must fully understand what they have been charged with.

Under Florida Statute 777.03, all that is required of the accused is intent that the offender avoids or escapes detection, arrest, trial, or punishment. This can be accomplished by either being a watch dog for the people actually committing the crime, be a safe harbor for people to stay at after the crime has been committed, or do some action to try to ensure that the real offender is not caught.

In this particular case, Mundy was originally charged with principal to murder, which is a worse charge than accessory because the charge places the penalties of the action at almost identically the same as the final actor, in this case, the person who actually dealt the deathly blow. The State made a deal with Mundy to lessen her charge in order to obtain more evidence against the actual offenders.

The State uses these kinds of deals on a daily basis for purposes of gaining evidence against someone else who they want to convict for a longer period of time then the other defendants. This tactic is commonly used by the State to seem like the State is willing to work with the lesser cause defendants, when in fact, most of the time, the case the State has against the charge is weaker than they would like.

The State knows how to use this tactic to their advantage, but an experienced Jacksonville accessory defense attorney knows this tactic as well. The State knows they don’t have a case on the crime they charged one with. One’s attorney will know this lack of evidence as well. This gives one’s defense some options.

One’s attorney could either negotiate for an even better plea bargain for an even lesser sentence, or one could fight in court and use one’s mitigating factors in one’s case to ensure that the Judge renders a fair and proper judgment, a judgment that will not be severe.

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Additional Source: Accessory in retired Putnam teacher’s death gets 3 years, Scott Butler, The Florida Times-Union

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