Jacksonville Beach Pawn Shop Site for Alleged Sale of Stolen Goods

The St. Augustine Record recently reported about a man who faces charges after allegedly trying to sell about $100,000 worth of stolen jewelry at a Jacksonville pawn shop.

In Florida, theft charges come in many different ways. The charge can mean allegations ranging from shoplifting a $5 t-shirt to breaking into someone’s house with a gun, demanding money. And with the allegations ranging, so do the penalties. But Jacksonville theft charges can be very serious because authorities will sometimes attempt to pile on the charges, adding to the possible jail or prison time.And that’s where an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney comes in. The great thing about the criminal justice system in this country is it affords everyone the right to a fair trial and an aggressive defense attorney who is trained to fight the charges. Being able to examine all the evidence with a trained eye and shoot down prosecution theories and law enforcement evidence is imperative when a person’s liberty is on the line.

The 26-year-old Ponte Vedra Beach suspect in this case was arrested by St. John’s County deputies after he tried to sell some jewelry at a pawn shop. According to the newspaper, he is charged with burglary, larceny of $50,000 or more, grand theft, dealing in stolen property and probation violation.

According to the article, the investigation began when homeowners in Ponte Vedra Beach noticed jewelry missing from their house after a break-in. Detectives began going to pawn shops in the hopes of discovering if the jewelry had been sold recently.

While at one Jacksonville Beach pawn shop. detectives saw a man come in and attempt to sell a large amount of jewelry. Contacting the homeowners, they confirmed that the jewelry belonged to them.

Detectives then searched the man’s vehicle and found more jewelry as well as tools typically used to break into homes. They arrested him on the spot. The man told detectives he found the jewelry while riding his bike.

What the article doesn’t state is whether the detectives had probable cause to search the man’s vehicle and obtain the other evidence they plan to use against him in court. What didn’t help was the suspect speaking with police.

It is rarely a good idea to give a statement to law enforcement officers when being investigated for a crime. Detectives are trained to get confessions. They are legally allowed to lie to suspects to get the information they want and they get pressure from their bosses to get a person to admit to committing a crime.

Many people believe they can talk their way out of a crime by talking with detectives, but they are trained to keep track of what a person says and are able to cross them up later on if they provide contradictory facts. And whatever a person says can be used against them in court. It is advisable to speak with an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney before saying anything.

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