Jacksonville Beach Police Officers Disciplined

In 2008, six Jacksonville Beach police officers were disciplined, but none fired for misconduct. Although not fired, the worse punishment was for officer Robert Bacon, who showed up to work (at the police station) drunk. He actually drove to work and was observed by another officer stumbling and didn’t park his car straight. After going into the station, Bacon asked another officer to drive him somewhere. One can only conclude he believed that he shouldn’t drive, after he just drove to the station. Bacon was NOT arrested, but was suspended for 80 hours and was demoted.

Officer Dan Watts was also disciplined, but not fired. He was arrested for a DUI in Jacksonville and blew a .16, which is double the legal limit. Watts was suspended for 200 hours.

These officers broke the laws they swore to enforce, yet not fired. These officers broke laws they arrest civilians for. Police officers should be held to a higher standard because they have the power to take your liberty and life.

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