Jacksonville Child Porn Case Leads to Possible 20-Year Sentence

First Coast News reports that a 25-year-old Jacksonville man has pleaded guilty to charges of receiving child pornography via the Internet.

The advent of the Internet has made life more convenient and opened up a whole new world for many people to do research, take online courses, stay in contact with friends far away and even transfer money to pay bills.Yet, it has also opened up a dark world of child pornography, cyber crime and other ills that have affected society in a bad way. With file-sharing websites that are used to gain access to find a person may not normally be gaining in popularity, child pornography charges in Jacksonville have become more and more common.

But what law enforcement and prosecutors must consider is that web security is a big issue these days, with people’s information being stolen left and right online. So, if hackers are able to get into someone’s computer, they can place on the hard drive virus programs that can give them remote access without the owner knowing. They then are able to use these file-sharing sites to store data — and child pornography — on the computer of another person, leading authorities to believe the computer owner downloaded the material.

That is just one scenario, but one that must be explored when an experienced Jacksonville Child Pornography Defense Lawyer is hired to take on the case.

In this case, the man was tracked online by an Arizona FBI agent who signed into a file-sharing program and followed a user with the screen name “Slidenskate” with whom he shared files that included child pornography. After downloading directories belonging to the user, the agent found 168 images and 16 videos, many of which depicted child pornography, the television news station reported.

After obtaining a search warrant for his house, agents found that the user name’s host computer was in Jacksonville inside the 25-year-old’s house. On his computer, agents found 500 images and 100 videos of child pornography.

The man allegedly told authorities he downloaded the images, and said he figured he would “be in jail for a few years,” yet after pleading guilty to receiving child pornography, he now faces 5 to 20 years in prison and life on supervised release.

This isn’t the first time that Arizona and Jacksonville have been connected through child pornography. In August, the Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog reported that a man from Arizona was arrested in Jacksonville on sexual exploitation of minor charges.

While these charges can be prosecuted in state court, more commonly federal prosecutors pick up the defendants because the penalties are more severe in the federal system. That’s why having an experienced lawyer on the defendant’s side is so important, especially as our world involves computers in increasing regularity.

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