Jacksonville Complexes Certified Crime Free

Eight Jacksonville apartment complexes are now certified members of the Crime Free Multi-Housing program. The goal is to crime off of federally subsidized rental properties all over the county. The program will require the Jacksonville complexes to evict tenants if they or their guests are arrested for drug crimes or violent crimes while on the property.

To become certified with the crime free program, the Jacksonville complexes have to go through a 3 phase process:

1. The apartment manager has to go to an 8 hour training program. The complex must also add the Crime Free Lease addition to their existing and new leases. It tells the tenants they can be evicted if they or their guests are arrested for violent crimes or drug crimes.

2. The apartment complex has to meet safety standards such as 180 degree peepholes on the tenant’s doors, installing deadbolts on all doors, and providing adequate lighting on the property.

3. The manager has to have meetings for tenants providing them with information about the crime free program and its standards.

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