Jacksonville Criminal Charges for Driving on a Suspended License

When you are charged with Criminal Driving on a Suspended License, the best thing you can do is get your license reinstated while your case is pending. You should first go to any Jacksonville driver’s license office (DMV) and request a printout of your driving record. There are many reasons your license can be suspended:

You may have received a civil traffic citation and did not pay the fine, set a court date, or did not appear on the court date you requested. You can pay the citation or set a court date at the Duval County Traffic Violations Bureau located next door to traffic court in the Southgate Shopping Center at 3490 Beach Boulevard.

You may have had a court date on a criminal traffic offense and failed to appear. You must go to the Duval County Clerk’s Office in Room M106 of the downtown courthouse at 330 East Bay Street to set a court date for that case.

You may have not paid the fine on a civil traffic offense. You have to go to the Duval County Clerk’s Office and pay the fine.

You may have been ordered to pay child support and are behind in those payments. Go to the Duval County Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Department of Revenue at 921 North Davis Street and find out how much you need to pay in order for them to lift the suspension on your license.

You may have been at fault in an auto accident and a civil judgment was entered against you which was not covered by your insurance company. Contact the person who sued you to work out a payment plan. In some cases, you can negotiate a settlement.

While there are many reasons your license can be suspended, if you apply time and effort to getting the matters resolved, your criminal driving on a suspended license case will benefit.

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