Jacksonville Domestic Violence Case Leads to Arrest

A recent domestic violence case in Jacksonville led to charges that a man rammed his car into his wife’s car and kidnapping her, The Florida Times-Union reports.

As we previously reported on the Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog, domestic violence incidents require a strong and aggressive approach by an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney. These cases not only result in criminal charges on a person’s record, but also bring ridicule and loss of reputation in the community. They can also result in job loss, the inability to own firearms and all sorts of additional social ramifications.According to the newspaper, the 42-year-old man allegedly drove after his 45-year-old wife, who was driving in a car with her 55-year-old male friend, starting at their apartment complex and eventually down I-295. According to the news report, his car repeatedly slammed into the car carrying his wife.

The newspaper reports the woman then pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store to look for a police officer. While driving behind the store, the man allegedly hit the car a fourth time, pushing the wife’s sedan into grass near a pond.

The man allegedly then got out of his vehicle and approached the vehicle with a baseball bat, demanding that the woman get out of the car and come with him. He allegedly threatened to beat the woman if she didn’t.

Police issued a bulletin for the kidnapped woman, but she later called police after saying her husband returned her to their apartment complex. The man’s vehicle was found abandoned at their house.

Domestic violence incidents can lead to mandatory jail time, anger management programs, probation and other consequences. But they aren’t typically as iron-clad as police make them out to be.

Arrests for domestic violence can happen because of a dispute between a couple or a future break-up that one side knows is coming. Sometimes, the two spouses or girlfriend and boyfriend get into an argument and both end up with scratches and cuts and the male ends up getting arrested.

Sometimes, police go on very little information, simply taking one side at their word, before making an arrest. For all these reasons, domestic violence charges must be fought aggressively throughout the process. Police reports should be heavily scrutinized and the statements of eyewitnesses or alleged victims must be challenged.

If police believe the alleged victim at his or her word alone, the credibility of that witness must be questioned by an aggressive Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney. All areas of the case must be explored in order to ensure that the rights of the accused are upheld as well as the quality of the police investigation.

Felony domestic battery in Florida is defined as an intentional battery that causes great bodily harm, permanent disability or disfigurement. It is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. While that is an extreme case and most domestic violence incidents are charged as misdemeanors, it shows how serious these charges can get.

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