Jacksonville Domestic Violence Case Turns Deadly

The recent case of a shooting of a wife, allegedly at the hands of her husband, points out the need for a Jacksonville Domestic Violence Attorney in any case where law enforcement has brought charges.

Domestic violence charges in Jacksonville can involve allegations of battery or assault and many times police make arrests with very little evidence. For every tragic case that makes the news, there are husbands fighting false allegations amide divorce or child custody proceedings or the end of a difficult relationship. For that reason, many people can be charged with this crime simply if there is an argument in the household and a neighbor calls 911. And a conviction can mean being banned from owning firearms and may result in job loss and strained relationships with friends and family.In this case, a woman was gunned down at her Jacksonville house recently after police were called around 4:30 a.m. Later that day, investigators charged her husband with her murder. Police have provided little additional information to the media.

It’s unclear what happened and whether investigators have enough evidence to prove the husband committed the crime. But, sadly, arguments at home can sometimes escalate into violent outbursts.

In 2010, there were more than 113,000 domestic violence reports statewide, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Of those, about 89,000 included allegations of simple assault, while about 19,000 were aggravated assault.

While there are many non-profit agencies dedicated to helping victims of this type of crime, it is also one of the most abused laws on the books.

In many cases, perhaps the majority, alcohol affects the judgement of the people involved and present law enforcement officers with a tough choice of who to believe, if anyone. Police typically side with the person claiming to be a victim with little or no evidence to support charges. In cases where both partners have injuries after a fight, the husband or boyfriend is usually the one who gets carted off to jail.

These charges can carry penalties that mandate jail time, require fines and fees be paid, put a person on probation; defendants are also often subjected to having their jail mug shot published in the newspaper, on television or online.

But, like any criminal charge levied by law enforcement and state prosecutors, it can be successfully defended in court. Pointing out credibility issues with the alleged victim and proving that both were responsible for causing injuries are some defenses.

Sometimes, too, it’s possible to show through mitigating factors like a lack of criminal history record, an upstanding reputation in the community and other reasons that the defendant deserves the benefit of the doubt and a lesser sentence.

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