Jacksonville DUI Checkpoint Requirements

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office utilizes DUI (also referred to as Driving Under the Influence, DWI, or drunk driving) checkpoints on a regular basis. The Jacksonville police will pick a public road and randomly stop cars to look for impaired drivers. Many times, these checkpoints are placed on Beach and Atlantic Boulevards at the base of the Inter-coastal Bridges. There are certain procedures the police must follow in order for the DUI checkpoint to be legal:

1. The DUI checkpoint has to be part of a regular program to prevent drunk driving.

2. The Jacksonville police should have the support of the judicial system, including the State Attorney’s Office.

3. The Jacksonville police should have written procedures on how to conduct the DUI checkpoint.

4. The placement of the DUI checkpoint must be done to promote public safety.

5. The Jacksonville public must be given sufficient notice of where the DUI checkpoint is going to be and when.

6. The Jacksonville police presence should be obvious at the DUI checkpoint.

7. Any changes made to the original plan of the DUI checkpoint have to be thoroughly documented by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

8. The investigation of possibly impaired drivers has to be conducted in a efficient way so the traffic flow will not be interrupted any more than it has to be.

If you have been stopped at a DUI checkpoint, you should contact our experienced Jacksonville DUI Attorneys to advise you of your rights. Our phone number is (904) 634-0900.

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