Jacksonville Grocery Store Robbed By Masked Gunman

Jacksonville’s grocery and convenience stores are subject to many robberies and break-ins, as many of these stores are unguarded and easily accessible. However, when the witnesses go to the line-up, how can someone’s memory be relied on to recognize the perpetrator? If one in a situation like this obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights will be protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, a masked man robbed a Winn-Dixie on Normandy Blvd on Jacksonville’s Westside. The crime was said to have occurred at around 11pm, when the unknown perpetrator entered the store, pointed a gun at the employees and demanded money. The suspect fleed on foot and is still being sought after by police.

Jacksonville theft crimes, particularly involve somewhere were the accused party could be seen from multiple angles, via witnesses, cameras and other manners. As there has been an increase in technology over the past few decades, it is nearly impossible to escape a camera of some sort. However, as many know, technology does not always work and the memory of a shaken up victim can be faulty.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, the victim is questioned long after the incident was said to occur. The problem with this late questioning is that the later the questioning, particularly the description of the perpetrator, the farther from reality that picture gets. This manner of suspect identification can be helpful for immediate incidences; however, immediate response to the scene of a crime does not always happen.

The police can only go on what the victim and the security footage shows. Many times, this leaves a large margin for error in evidence collecting, as the video footage is many times blurred out to the point of a bad description. This means that for the few unfortunate victims of vague descriptions, a person walking home nearby the incident in any case who happens to match the description of the suspect will be tagged for questioning and most likely abusive treatment by the police.

Most of the time, the accused in a case involving videotape and witness identification will be scared of the possible negative outcomes. This fear multiplies considerably when the State says they have them on tape and can convict them. However, videotape is subject to error as well as the human-interpretation of that tape.

If one has been a situation like this were the State or the police have threatened to prosecute one because of a witness or video identification that was wrong, one should not hesitate. One should obtain an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure that one’s rights and defenses are known and protected. One should not risk going to jail for a long period of time for a crime one did not commit.

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