Jacksonville High School Student Charged With Bringing Gun To School

Jacksonville’s youth have points in their lives where they feel that they must show the world who they are, in drastic measures sometimes. When that happens, a lot of times the action they chose to introduce them to attention is illegal. However, this does not mean that the child should be severely punished for an act of immaturity. One in this situation needs an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, a Terry Parker High School student has been charged with bringing a gun to the school campus. The charge came after an anonymous tip that the student was trying to sell a gun at the school. The school resource officer removed the student from his class, after which the gun fell out of the student’s pants leg.

Jacksonville juvenile crimes cases typically involve a child who is either abused, neglected, or needs to feel like they have the attention of those who would not normally give a glance towards that child. No matter what the particular circumstance, the accused typically either has a score to settle or has a message to be heard. However, should the child be punished severely for an immature statement?

Under Florida Statute 790.115, possession of a firearm at a school or at any school sanctioned event or property of the public school system is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. This would seem like a smaller charge that the State would want to plea down and move on with, however, this may not be the case.

The State Attorney’s office has a very tough stance on crimes that are gun related. Particularly if a gun is brandished, the State will most likely not file tougher charges against the accused, but will also not be willing to settle. These actions are the result of the increase of gun crimes and Florida, which these crimes are now facing a backlash from the State.

In this case, the student told the school resource officer that he had found the gun near his home and just decided to bring it with him to school, without any other reason behind it. In situations like this, the legal system has left open a dilemma that should not exist. Here we have a child who through immaturity or other factors, has not thought about his actions and decided to go to school with a weapon. However, when that child goes before a Judge, that immaturity may not be considered.

If one or one’s child has been accused of such a crime, one should contact an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes attorney to fight for one’s case ensure one’s rights and future outside of prison is protected. In a situation like this, one should not take a chance with a Judge who does not know one’s case and know all of the mitigating factors that might lessen one’s sentence.

In this case, if one obtained an experienced attorney, one’s attorney could bring to light one’s lack of thinking and immaturity, which may show the Judge that one had no intent to commit a violent crime, and therefore, lessen the sentence to a probationary judgment or withhold of adjudication. One should not face bars at the dawn of one’s life. One should be free.

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