Jacksonville Home Invasion Leads to Two-Hour Detention

First Coast News reports that a Jacksonville woman was handcuffed and bound for two hours during a home invasion.

According to police, a woman was at her house on West 43rd Street when a man kicked in back door and handcuffed and bound her feet and made her sit on the sofa. He came in carrying two weapons — semiautomatic and silver.Charges of kidnapping in Jacksonville can be terrifying for the victim because of the potential for harm. But the charge can also be terrifying to prove for prosecutors because it is often a case of mistaken identity that leads to an arrest. In other cases, a domestic situation is treated as a kidnapping and must be properly defended.

Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers have seen many defendants brought in on serious felony charges only to see them dropped when prosecutors realize that the police haven’t put together a strong case. When a person is kidnapped or held against their will during a terrifying hold-up, they often mix up fact from the event and inaccurate memories stem from fear.

According to the news report, the masked man kicked in the back door of the house and came in carrying two weapons. The victim told police that the man seemed excited and fidgety and speculated that the man could be on some kind of drugs.

The victim stated that the man kept asking for money, asking for where “it” was. The man ransacked two rooms while he was there. Then he left when he couldn’t find what he was looking for and tried to get into a stolen vehicle, which wouldn’t start.

The woman freed herself and ran next door to call police. The man allegedly had disabled the woman’s phone, making it unusable.

Kidnapping in Florida, according to Florida Statutes 787.01, kidnapping means holding by force a person against their will with the intent to inflict harm, commit another felony, hold them for ransom or use them as a shield or interfere with a government function.

The charge is punishable as a first-degree felony, which is punishable by up to life in prison. Obviously, it’s a serious charge if it carries those type of penalties. Therefore, every case must be defended with the skills of an aggressive and experienced attorney, one who will look at every aspect of the charges and give the client aggressive representation.

With few witnesses who get a clear view of the action, kidnapping charges can sometimes be difficult to turn into convictions. With an experienced defense attorney in the way, things can be made more difficult. The state must prove its case beyond all reasonable doubt. That means there can’t be any holes that are unexplained.

It is the right every American has and every defendant must be afforded in the criminal justice system. The penalties are too severe, too important, for the case to be handled without the utmost professionalism and understanding of a defendant’s rights.

The Forbess Law Firm has been aiding clients who face criminal charges in Jacksonville for more than a decade and is here to provide aggressive criminal defense to anyone accused of a crime. If you or a loved one requires a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, contact our firm today. We are available through our website or by calling us at 904-634-0900.

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