Jacksonville Line-ups Not An Efficient Method Of Suspect Identification

The average Jacksonville resident does and has felt safe in their home and neighborhood. Unfortunately though, when the unthinkable happens, the average freshly distressed resident has very little ability to identify their own attacker, leaving holes for the average criminal to escape from. However, this also leads to the possibility of mis-identification. If one has been charged with such a crime, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case.

According to the Bradenton-Herald, a man, while in his drive way, was robbed by an unidentified mugger, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office. The man was robbed just as he was getting to his home. The unidentified man ran up, pointed a gun at the man, stole his belongings, and then ran. The victim believes that he might have seen the assailant previously at a convenience store that day.

Most Jacksonville theft crimes involve some manner of shock to the victim. For some, this shock of being robbed allows for them to imprint on their minds a very decent description of the suspect in question. However, this is not always the case. For many, the shock, confusion and feeling of pure distress is something that is very blinding. Furthermore, the description becomes even worse the longer it has been since the crime.

Most victims, when asked for a description of their attacker, be it a mugging, sexual assault, or convenience store robbery, will give a very vague description as to the suspect. This is enough for the Jacksonville police to conduct a very loose search for a suspect; however, many times, it is not enough to confirm one person on. This problem has increased the use of lineups.

Typically, when the police have too many suspects to go on and the victim is not entirely clear as to the suspect’s description, the police will have the victim identify the suspect via a line-up, a procedure by which police take loose descriptions of the assailant, find people that could have been within the vicinity of the crime that match the description of the suspect, and allow the victim to point to which person they think committed the crime.

Line-ups have been used for some time by police; however, this common usage is not a good practice because there is a great possibility that mis-identifications can occur, leaving good people falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. These false accusations lead to charges that can completely wreck someone’s life, even if their name is cleared. However, if one contacts an experienced Jacksonville theft crimes attorney, one can make sure that if one has not committed the crime, one’s charges will be dropped, and if one has committed the crime, one will have the best defense to that crime and will hopefully have the possible punishment lessened.

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Additional Source: Man mugged in driveway of Bradenton home, Herald staff report, The Bradenton-Herald

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