Jacksonville Man Pleads Guilty to Grand Theft in $9,300 Brake Job Case

As the Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog has previously reported, prosecutors and police have had a hard time grappling with a man who is charged with bilking investors out of money while impressing them with his vehicles, including a 2007 Bentley.

But recently, the man admitted fault in stealing from Midas after a $9,300 brake job on the Bentley, The Florida Times-Union recently reported. While he has been sitting in jail awaiting those charges, he accumulated enough time in custody that he decided to plead guilty to two counts of grand theft and was sentenced to time served. The grand theft charges stem from Midas, where he got work done on the car and drove off as well as for another store, where he got $700 worth of new tires on a different vehicle and didn’t pay.Theft charges in Jacksonville can range from shoplifting a pack of gum to an armed robbery at a person’s house. And with the change of circumstances comes the change in possible penalties. They can range from days or months in jail to years or decades in prison. And along with time served comes the possibility of restitution — or paying back what was stolen. For all these reasons, hiring an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney, one who has always been on the side of the defendant, is critical.

In this case, it appears the 34-year-old felt it was in his best interests, considering the more serious charges on the horizon, to enter guilty pleas in the less-serious grand theft charges. For this particular defendant, maybe this was the best option. According to The Florida Times-Union, he has been arrested 26 times since 1995 on a variety of charges, most from Orlando, where he lived before moving to Jacksonville.

In the other case, the man is accused of wowing investors with the luxury cars he drove, including the Bentley, the newspaper reports. He met alleged victims in gas stations and apartment complexes and said he was a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was a high-dollar broker with connections to financial institutions.

Police say he was able to get a woman to send him $10,000 while sitting in the Duval County jail with the help of a co-defendant on a three-way phone conversation. In that case, he faces charges of organized schemes to defraud and is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Investment schemes are difficult these days because before the Great Recession, if an investment failed, investors typically just chalked it up to a bad investment or a fluctuating market. But in today’s economy, more and more investors are pointing fingers and making accusations of fraud.

Because of greed, many people sank retirement and a large amount of money into investments, hoping for a quick turnaround. But especially in the real estate market, and especially in Florida, which has been hard hit, many people lost. And now police and prosecutors are looking for someone to blame.

Charges of investment fraud and running schemes to defraud investors can be bogus and must be aggressively defended by an experienced Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney. Between possible prison time and restitution, these charges are serious and require heavy scrutiny of the prosecution’s case.

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