Jacksonville Man Shot At Roosevelt Blvd Apartment

Harold Woodard died after he was found with a gunshot wound in his apartment in Madison at Savannah Oaks on Roosevelt Boulevard. Police responded to reports of gunshots and found Woodard in the threshold of his unit. Woodard was taken to Orange Park Medical Center in an unsuccessful attempt to save his life. Police said the shooting occurred not long after his mother had come to visit Woodard but then left when she heard arguing from inside.

Many times, shoddy police work or pressure to resolve a case by charging someone may end up pointing the finger at a family member or friend. Furthermore, there can be a great amount of confusion and lack of understanding surrounding the charge, making the circumstances terrifying, particularly when the accused is next of kin.

Provocation is a possible defense by excuse or pardon alleging a sudden or temporary loss of control (a permanent loss of control is in the state of insanity) in response to another’s provoking conduct reasonable enough to justify an acquittal, a mitigated sentence or a conviction for a lesser charge. Provocation can be a relevant factor in a court’s assessment of the accused’s intent and state of mind at the time the act occurred.

Heat of passion is recognized as a defense to the crimes of first and second-degree murder in Florida.

Heat of passion is a mental state provoked by fear, rage, anger or terror that, combined with adequate provocation, is a defense to the crimes of first and second degree murder. Provocation, in order to be adequate, must be such as might naturally cause a reasonable person in the passion of the moment to lose self-control and act on impulse and without reflection. An example of this is voluntary manslaughter, an intentional killing that was not planned ahead of time, like one person killing another during a dispute, or after finding out about infidelity.

Many times, in cases where one actually has killed the victim, and the facts show that a provocation defense is available, one’s experienced attorney may be able to work with the State to have one’s charge lowered and one’s possible punishment much more favorable.
Throughout Jacksonville, accused people are subject to hunch theories that lead to their arrest and hassle in the court system. Even though some have actually harmed someone else, people go through with actions that they would not normally ever think of doing because of altered states of mental acuity. When this happens, things said, acts done, and effects rendered can leave the accused what seems like a very rough position with no way out. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville felony violent crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights will be known and protected.

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