Jacksonville Police and Fire Investigate Meth Lab in Apartment Complex

Jacksonville is full of people that deal in habits that may not be the best for themselves physically or psychologically. However, when one is involved in a habit that can cause the death of not only one’s self but others within a general vicinity just for being there, one causes major issues for one’s legal state. IF one has been accused of such a crime, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case to ensure one has the best defense possible to one’s case.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville police and fire crews are working a meth lab crime scene in the Woodhollow Apartments off of Hodges Boulevard. The crews received a report that there was meth lab scene at the apartment, and were deployed to combat the problem. The building the meth lab was said to have been constructed was taped off and the bomb squad called. No suspect names have been released.

Jacksonville drug cases are typically cases of possession or small time distribution; however, when the accused is allegedly involved in the creation of a bigger project, particularly the production of the illegal substance, one’s problems increase drastically. This problem is further increased when the production of the drug can cause injury or even death to the accused and people around the scene.

Under Florida Law, methamphetamine, or meth, is a schedule II drug that can lead to serious time in prison if one is convicted of using or distributing the drug. However, most do not consider the immediate harmful and deathly consequences that are automatically attached from the first use of it . Many times, these consequences could be much worse than any jail sentence served.

Methamphetamine is a psycho-stimulant, increasing one’s concentration, alertness, and in high amounts, can cause euphoria. However, if one becomes addicted to the drug, one’s brain begins to release too much dopamine into the brain, causing schizophrenia and other psychotic episodes. Unfortunately for the few who do not get help, meth usage can cause permanent damage to one’s body, and if the fumes from the lab are improperly exposed, the lab can explode, causing damage to everyone else’s lives.

In most meth cases, the legal system will look down on the accused rather harshly because of the seriousness of act taking place and the consequences of the action should unfortunate day comes that the meth lab explodes, leaving not only a gaping in hole in one’s own future, but a hole in the uninvolved people’s lives.

Many times, one might see no way out of an addiction such as this, and when the charge from the court comes, one may only see a barred cell in one’s future. However, if one obtains an experienced Jacksonville drug crimes attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure that one’s rights are protected, that one will have the best defense possible to fight one’s charge, and that one will be able to get the help one needs to be free of the drug and be able to get back to one’s life before the drugs ever entered the picture.

One should not risk going to jail for a long period of time when an experienced attorney can make sure that their best defense is brought forth and their rights fought are fought for. The Forbess Law Firm has been aiding clients who face criminal charges in Jacksonville for more than a decade and is here to provide aggressive criminal defense to anyone accused of a crime. If you or a loved one requires a Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer, contact our firm today. We are available through our website or by calling us at 904-634-0900.

Additional Source: Meth lab suspected in Jacksonville apartment, Dan Scanlan, The Florida-Times Union

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