Jacksonville Police Looking For Strip Club Car-Jacking Suspect

Jacksonville is a city of many scenes, from beach life, suburban life, town life, to night life inner-twined. Unfortunately, that life can sometimes have its own set of personal consequences for someone trying to be a part of it. When the police come looking for someone and that person has been falsely accused, the first statement that person should make is a request for an experienced attorney who can fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, a man was forced to lay down naked on the pavement outside of Bottomz Up Gentleman’s club on the Westside of Jacksonville while an unknown suspect stole his vehicle. This incident comes after the man pulled up to the night club, and while getting out of his vehicle, the suspect pulled a gun on the man. The man was forced to take his clothes off and lie on the ground, while the suspect drove away in the victim’s car.

Jacksonville theft crimes, particularly carjacking crimes are crimes that involve many variables. Not only are there all of the variables up to crime itself, but particularly the time after the crime has been committed. These variables open up an innocent man who happens to look like the suspect of the crime to false accusation. This happens many times in many different crimes, as the variables typically leave open an option for making someone else look like the bad guy.

Under Florida Statute 812.33, the crime of carjacking is a first degree felony punishable by up to thirty years in prison and if a firearm is involved, the accused could serve up to life imprisonment. This is a major offense that someone cannot and should not be found guilty of when they did not commit the crime or be in any way connected to it.

Many times all throughout Florida, crimes that are violent are sought after faster and have harder sentences rendered, particularly those violent crimes that involve guns. The goal of the State Attorney’s Office is to deter criminals from committing gun-related crimes because of the harsh punishments they face when they are caught. However, this presents a problem that the State has: overzealously trying to find a defendant.

Many times throughout Jacksonville, the actual perpetrator is not the accused. When the police take down the witness’ testimony, the description of the perpetrator is off from what the actual perpetrator looks like. Furthermore, the mind of a recently-traumatized victim is fragile and is prone to embellish or analyze what just happened. For many, this process of remembering what happened allows time for the mind to fill gaps with memories that never happened.

Another major factor is the actual suspect. If a suspect is able to flee without getting caught but knows that the police are onto their trail might ditch the stolen car in a place where it cannot be found, or park the vehicle away from their place of residence and in front of someone else’s, so that that person is accused of stealing the car. Many times this happens, causing the possibility of false accusation to be escalated.

One should not have to be hassled and horrified by a charge they did not commit. One in a situation such as this should obtain an experienced Jacksonville felony theft crimes attorneyto fight for one’s case and ensure one’s freedoms are protected. Do not let the system run over you. Get help.

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Additional Source:While you were sleeping: Man carjacked, forced to strip outside West Jacksonville gentleman’s club, Clifford Davis, The Florida Times-Union

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