Clay County Police Officer Loses Badge For Sexual Battery Charge

Jacksonville-Area Police have a responsibility as police officers to take care of the citizens of our great city and make sure that we are as safe as possible. However, when the people our city put faith in people that cannot be trusted with the power and authority given to them, how should the legal system rely on them to make proper arrests, searches and other police involved actions? If one is a victim of such an improper police action, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and make sure that one has the best defense possible and that one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacob Middleton has been charged with sexual battery. The charge came after a woman came over to his apartment at night. The two had known each other before the incident in question occurred. Middleton has since been fired from the Clay County Police department. All other details of the crime have been redacted to protect the anonymity of the victim.

Jacksonville police crimes cases range in variety and fact, but all police crimes revolve around one factor that never seems to change: no accountability. Police officers have been granted the power to arrest, , carry a deadly weapon, and under the right circumstances, can kill someone. This is an immense amount of responsibility that should not be placed in the hands of someone who cannot reign in their own wants, desires, and actions.

Many times, police officers have an idea that, because of their position in society, they can go and do as they please, because no one will report officer misconduct, and if they do, the officer will be given a slap on the wrist and will be back on the street doing the same thing over again. However, those days are coming to an end for many officers, particularly Middleton.
In this case, Middleton was seeing a woman, probably regularly from what could be gleaned from the few facts available. According to the article, the act was said to have occurred on a Wednesday and the arrest on a Friday. At some point in between those days, the woman must have reported the act and her unwillingness to keep seeing him.

Many times, particularly in sexual battery cases involving police officers, the police officer and the individual the officer is having relations with is forced, due to the amount of power the police officer has. Through bullying and intimidation both from physical and mental abuse, officers use threats of arrest, harassment, stalking and other horrible actions to induce the individual to keep up the relationship.

In situations like this, the individual becomes part in a sexual relationship with the officer because of a smaller crime they have committed and are unwilling to go to jail for. However, when the lights go down and the doors shut, the individual is in a worse situation than they would have been had they fought what the officer was going to arrest them for.

If someone is in a situation like this were a police officer has made attempts through sexual favors, threats, or other means to bully one into submission, one should contact an experienced Jacksonville police crimes attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure that one’s rights are protected. An experienced attorney will make sure that one and society is protected from menacing officers who do not belong with a badge on their chest.

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