Jacksonville police officer violates the law, but will not face criminal charges.

Jacksonville police lieutenant, William Medlin, took racy magazine subscription cards from 20-30 magazines and put fake orders in to be delivered to Assistant Chief David Coffman at work. Coffman got invoices demanding payment for the fake orders. JSO’s Internal Affairs Division charged the officer with failing to conform to work standards, unbecoming conduct, and VIOLATING THE LAW (mail fraud). Medlin was suspended, without pay, for 20 days, but got the option to forfeit a month of vacation time instead. The Jacksonville State Attorney’s Office decided not to arrest Medlin and chose not to file criminal charges.

Medlin has been with JSO for many years and had to take an exam to be a sergeant and an exam to be a lieutenant. The fake subscriptions he ordered for someone else cost many companies, not to mention JSO employees’ time handling the magazines, money. Will Medlin be forced to compensate all involved?

In Jacksonville, it is routine for people to get arrested for writing worthless checks. It could be because a housewife wrote 1 check and did not have enough in the bank to cover it and moved, therefore not getting notice. That woman will be arrested, handcuffed, and taken to the Jacksonville jail. The police make the Jacksonville arrest because they say she broke the law.

The very office Medlin works for said he violated the law, but he will not be arrested or charged in Jacksonville.

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