Jacksonville Police Officers Shoot and Kill Man Not Walking on the Sidewalk

JSO officers shot and killed Kiko Battles, a Jacksonville resident, on Monday. Two off-duty officers were working for Springfield Preservation Council. They noticed two men walking in the street. Instead of letting the men walk, as free men are allowed, they went up to them. This is called a “consensual encounter” and you are free to leave at any time if you don’t want to talk to the police. Apparently, one of the men didn’t want to talk to the police and was grabbed by the officer. Police say that a gun fell off the man and he picked it back up. The officers then shot the man to death. Other witnesses at the scene report that there was no gun. The police chief said that the officers questioned the men because they were not using the “two perfectly good sidewalks”.

If walking in the street raises police suspicion that much, perhaps JSO should set up a sting in Deerwood or Atlantic Beach on a Sunday. Get there all day and question all the people walking their dogs or getting their exercise in the street. If the walkers act nervous, the officers could, for officer safety, search all these walkers.

The two men in Springfield were not acting suspicious. They were not breaking state law. They were not bothering anyone. Police have to have reasonable suspicion to believe you are breaking or about to break the law in order to detain you.

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