Jacksonville Police Search For Sexual Assault Suspect Based On Composite Sketch

Jacksonville’s citizens have many different characteristics that separate them from others, making them their own individual. Unfortunately, it is the common characteristics that plague our citizens when the individual being sought after for a crime looks very similar to many people. If one has been in a situation such as this, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Police are looking for a man believed to be in his mid- to late-20s following an armed attempted sexual assault on a woman. The crime allegedly occurred after the suspect took the victim into an abandoned house and attempted to perform a sexual attack on her with a gun. The victim was able to escape the suspect, and was able to provide enough detail of the suspect for a composite sketch made for police search purposes.

Jacksonville sexual assault cases typically involve the accused being portrayed as a scary attacker who severely overpowered the victim and caused them both physical and mental harm. However, the legal system mistakenly forgets the harm caused to accused from a misidentification of an attacker, particularly one accused of a crime such as sexual assault.

Jacksonville police use many means of identification of suspects whom the police are searching for, including eye witness testimony, victim testimony, license plate numbers and any other evidence that might possibly be used for finding the suspect. However, many of these methods use to find suspects end up in the wrong person being found an accused of the crime.

Eye Witness testimony is one of the widely used means of identification and search by the police. The use of eye-witnesses can help in proper apprehension of the guilty; however, eye-witnesses are not typically within a reasonable distance of the crime in order to positively identify as a suspect as the suspect. Therefore, eye-witness identification can be detrimental to the accused’s case.

Furthermore, the police will attempt to use victim testimony and identification. However tragic, many times, the victim’s testimony and description of the victim’s attacker may be different than actuality because the traumatic effect of the attack will cause memory loss that might affect the recollection of the attacker’s face or other identifying features.

Many times, the accused is really a victim of a false accusation because of poorly obtained or seen eye-witness testimony that causes one to look the guilty party being sought after. If one has been in a situation such as this, one should obtain an experienced Jacksonville sex crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected. One should not risk going to jail or even going through legal proceedings that will put an undue burden on one when one can obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s cause.

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Additional Source:Police release composite in Jacksonville attempted sex attack, Dana Treen, The Florida Times-Union

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