Jacksonville Probation Violations

While you are on criminal probation in Florida, your probation can be revoked for any conduct the judge considers unfavorable. If you are arrested for violating your probation, you do not have the right to a jury trial. You are entitled to a hearing where the prosecutor has to prove that you “willfully and substantially” violated your probation. If the Court finds you in violation, you could be given the maximum jail sentence you were facing on the original charge.

Probation is most often revoked for the following violations:

1. Failure to complete the requirements of probation in a timely manner.

2. Failure to report to your probation officer. DO NOT STOP REPORTING. Even if you cannot pay fees or costs, you should continue to report.

3. Getting arrested while on probation. An arrest that is supported by probable cause is an automatic violation of your probation.

4. Associating with people of bad character.

Probation officers have the great power to determine whether you remain on probation or whether they violate you. That is why it is very important to build a good relationship with them. Jail time hangs over your head until your probation ends and it is vital to complete all conditions of your probation on time.

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