Jacksonville Residents Can Report Certain Crimes Online

Normally, if a citizen wants to report a crime in Jacksonville, he or she has to call and wait for the police to report to the scene. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office now has an online crime reporting site. Citizens can only report certain kinds of crimes on this system. They are:

Petty Theft in Jacksonville
Grand Theft Auto in Jacksonville
Burglary to a Conveyance (car) in Jacksonville
Criminal Mischief
If you can identify the suspect of the crime, you can’t use this system. Apparently, you can only use it if you have no idea who committed the crime. You also have to submit your email address. The same rules about falsely reporting a crime apply to this online system. As Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers, we have many cases where the “victim” of a crime recants after our client is arrested. The state attorney’s office rarely does, but can charge these “victims” with falsely reporting a crime.

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