Jacksonville Theft Crew Stealing Convenience Store ATM Machines

Jacksonville’s and surrounding areas’ use of ATM machines has been unprecedented, as the need for speed has increased in our citizen’s lives. Unfortunately for some, the amount of time it takes to make the money is too much of a burden, pressuring those few individuals to rob those ATMs. If one has been accused of a theft crime such as this, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville has been plagued by hooded men who having been stealing entire ATM machines. The crimes have been said to occur as an undisclosed amount of men in dark hooded clothing have been driving up to several ATMs connected to convenience stores in a Gold Dodge Ram Truck, ripping the ATM machines out of the wall with a tow cable, loading the machine in the truck, and then driving away.

Jacksonville theft crimes typically involve some sort of innovation on the part of the suspect, but normally an innovation such as this is unheard of. These innovations are great in the field of criminal activity. Unfortunately for the accused though, is that technology is attempting to keep up with these new tricks. These advances help the State when attempting to find a perpetrator, as well as increase the evidence against the accused should that individual be charged.

The security cameras in convenience stores, as well as red light cameras and other visual devices around intersections were convenience stores are commonly located can and are used many times against the accused. However, that evidence is only as good as the focus of the lens of a camera. Many times, these blurry and pixelated images are not and should not be considered enough to put a positive identification on the accused.

In this case, the State, as well as the Jacksonville police, will attempt to show through video footage as well as image enhancement software that pulled possible license plate numbers in order to find the vehicle yields positive results. However, the improbably of finding proper conclusive evidence to convict someone of such a crime is hard and limited, and is not enough to prove that someone committed a crime such as robbery.

Many times, an accused party in a criminal prosecution will have police knock on one’s door and attempt to distill fear and coerce identifying testimony that will be used to convict one of a crime. However, one should not speak to the police or anyone else. The only person that one should confide anything in is one’s experienced Jacksonville theft crimes defense attorney, who will be fighting for one’s case and making sure that the legal system does not make the accused the victim.

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