Jacksonville Woman Kills Fiance Over Cigarettes

Jacksonville’s citizens have many issues that they deal with concerning family and other types of personal relationships. For some, violence is the answer. For others, violence may the only choice to defend themselves from a possible fight that could end in the death of one. If one has been accused of such a crime, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Yolanda Lenette Stills has been charged with the murder of her fiancé, Ricardo McMillan. Stills allegedly stabbed McMillan to death over a fight about a pack of cigarettes in the early morning at their Jacksonville apartment. McMillan was later taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Stills has a criminal record of repeat violence.

Jacksonville felony violent crimes cases are typically cases that involve revenge or anger induced violence. For many though, violent actions are caused by another’s violent action against them. Unfortunately though, some violent crimes are induced by a desire to not lose whatever possessions that one has in one’s life. Many times, deprivation of valuables in the past may cause deprivation of freedom in the future.

Many times in Jacksonville, as well as many other cities around the globe, people grow up in an underprivileged neighborhood with very little possessions to call their own. For some, if they make it out of this situation, those people have a greater appreciation for the possessions they have. For others who unfortunately are still in this situation, the value of simple objects can be great, and might be something worth fighting for.

As one can glean from this case, Stills killed her fiancé over a pack of cigarettes. An individual who has had possessions in their life would not kill a human being over such a trivial object as a pack of cigarettes. This is clearly an example of a woman who has not had much in her life and was probably scared that her fiancé was going to take her belongings away from her.

Many times, the State knows of one’s reason for violent action and see that it was because of economic deprivation, and will completely ignore that fact, painting the accused as a senseless individual who is a menace to society and should be locked away. Unfortunately for many of the accused in situations like this, the ability to mount the required defense on their own would be nearly impossible.

One may think that the walls are closing in as the State draws near to prosecute. However, one has options for relief. If one obtains an experienced Jacksonville felony violent crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one will ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected. One should stand idly by while one’s freedom is being restricted. One needs help. One needs an experienced attorney.

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