Jacksonville Woman Shot While Driving in Unexplained Incident

Jacksonville’s citizens like to feel secret about themselves as well as their surroundings. However, when unexplained incidents occur that cause that security to immediately leave, fear rushes in. Unfortunately for those around the scene of the incident, some could possibly be accused of a crime which they did not commit. However, if one obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one can be sure that one’s rights will be protected and that one will not face penalties for a crime they did not commit.

According to the Florida Times-Union, a Jacksonville woman was shot in the cheek while on her way home from her boyfriend’s house at about 2:30am. The incident occurred after the undisclosed victim allegedly heard three gunshots nearby, and one of the shots allegedly struck her in the cheek. The woman did not file a police report until three days later when the victim went to the hospital and had the bullet taken out.

Jacksonville gun crimes typically involve some sort of motive or retaliation on the part of the accused. However, there is no accused yet in this case. What is very suspicious from first glance is that the victim did not want to speak to authorities about what happened, nor file a police report until three days later. This might lead one to think that the victim might be hiding some truth to the story behind her injury. Unfortunately for the possible suspects in her case however, is that anyone with any possible motive will be plagued by investigation.

Many times in unexplained cases such as this particular case, the police will leave all possible suspects open to investigation, simply because they do not have any concrete evidence to go on. However, the burdensome investigation of every single suspect causes police to become tired, angry and rash about who they pursue as a suspect. Many times, when even one factor points towards a possible suspect, they will arrest that person and say “case closed.”
Unfortunately, for many, this method of case solving leads to bad arrests and false accusations.
In this particular case, the police will look into the first obvious relationships that the victim had, including parents, the boyfriend, any possible enemies the victim might have had, and random strangers who happened to live near the location where the victim was shot. However, the possible factual scenarios of what happened could be endless. Regrettably, most of those possibilities are unlikely to be looked into by police.

Cases like these boggle the mind of both prosecutors and police, and yet, they both look for someone they can pin the crime to very quickly and without looking at all possible angles. This lack of full investigation can cause an innocent person to be incarcerated, awaiting a trial and a slew of other legal proceedings that they should have never been forced to participate in. However, if one in a situation like this obtains an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case, one can be sure that one’s rights will be protected and that one’s innocence will be proven before the court.

One should not be subjected to a never ending fight with the State over a case that one had no involvement in. One should not risk losing one’s right to freedom because of the State of the police department’s carelessness in their investigation of a crime. One has rights that are too precious to lose. An experienced attorney can and will protect those rights.

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Additional Source:Woman shot in cheek while driving early Friday in Jacksonville, Dan Scanlan, The Florida Times-Union

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