Jail Release Options in Jacksonville, Florida

In Jacksonville and all of Florida, if you are arrested, you are entitled to pretrial release on reasonable conditions. Bonds are set to protect the community from harm, to assure your presence at future court dates, and to assure the integrity of the judiciary process. The judge has many options. The judge can do any of the following or a combination:

1. You can be released on your on your own recognizance, which means you do not have to pay a bond to get out of jail.

2. There may be an unsecured appearance bond in an amount set by the judge. The Court sets an amount of bail, but does not require a case deposit or pledge of property.

3. Your travel, associations, or residence may be restricted during your case.

4. You could be placed in the custody of another organization to supervise you until the end of your case.

5. You may have to pay a bail bond with sureties or pay a cash bond. If you can afford the whole amount of bond, you can deposit the cash amount with the Court and at the completion of your case, all of the money will be returned to you. You can also elect to use a bail bondsman and typically pay 10% of the bond while posting collateral for the rest of the bond. At the completion of your case, the bondsman keeps the 10% and returns whatever collateral was used to assure your presence in Court.

A Florida judge may also impose any other condition he or she deems reasonably necessary to assure your appearance in Court.

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