John Kerry’s Daughter Arrested for DUI in California

John Kerry’s daughter, Alexandra, was arrested for DUI this week. When she was arrested and taken down to the police station, she blew under the limit. Even though she blew under, Alexandra had to bond out of jail.

If you have a DUI in Jacksonville and blow under .08, you are still under arrest and will probably have to bond out of jail. Many people think that if you blow under the limit you will be released. The opposite is true. If you blow under in Jacksonville, JSO will ask you to give a urine sample to check for drugs in your system. The most common drugs found in urine are marijuana, cocaine, and Xanax. Even if your urine comes out clean, you still are prosecuted for a DUI. Even if the prosecutor eventually drops your charges in Jacksonville, you will still have an arrest for DUI on your record, you still probably bonded out of jail, and still had to go to court to defend yourself.

As Jacksonville DUI Lawyers, we had a client who blew .02, which is well under the legal limit for impairment. He gave a urine sample, but the results had not come back when he came to our criminal law firm in Jacksonville. Our client could not believe that he could be arrested for DUI after having only one glass of wine. Our DUI Law Firm took the case to court and eventually got the DUI dropped. That was after our client had been arrested and bonded out of jail.

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