JSO Employee Arrested for Multiple Felonies in Jacksonville

A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office worker has been arrested for eleven felonies in Jacksonville. Kenitra Casper was arrested for Official Misconduct, Disclosure of Confidential Criminal Justice Information, and Misuse of Confidential Information. She was a record keeper at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and had access to this information. These crimes are all third degree felonies in Jacksonville. Casper has been denied a bond in Jacksonville and is in the jail. She is accused of releasing pictures of narcotics officers who are undercover to drug dealers.

According to police reports, Casper accessed the secure JSO information database on nine different occasions and subsequently releasing the information to people who personally gained from receiving the information. Narcotics detectives routinely disguise themselves and try to buy and sell drugs on the streets of Jacksonville. They often only arrest the street level seller with very little marijuana or cocaine. Many of these street level individuals enter a house to get the drugs that they eventually sell to the police. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office rarely, if ever, seeks to get a search warrant of the “drug” house and instead busts the low man on the totem pole who is probably selling drugs to support his drug habit. The average drug sale in Jacksonville is around $20.00 according to police reports. These drug “sellers” are often convicted of the drug sale in Jacksonville and the public thinks JSO is getting a large number of big drug dealers off the streets.

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