JSO Officer Arrested for a Second Time in Jacksonville

A JSO officer has been arrested for the second time in Jacksonville for Violation of an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. In addition to this new charge, Megan Ray has a criminal mischief charge pending against her.

The charge of violation of an injunction is a first degree misdemeanor in Florida punishable by up to one year in jail. Police say Ray was observed inside Shooters, a Jacksonville gun store. The officer wrote that he observed Ray with an assault rifle, which is actual possession. Ray did not buy the assault rifle, but reportedly did try to trade in a pistol. There is apparently a video of this.

All of these actions would be perfectly legal for Ray, but there is a problem when you have an injunction against you. In January of this year, the current wife of Ray’s ex-husband petitioned and was granted a temporary injunction for protection against domestic violence against Ray. According to the injunction, Ray is not supposed to possess a firearm or ammunition. A motion to dismiss the injunction is pending and a permanent injunction has not been granted.

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