Juvenile Sex Offenders in Jacksonville

The Forbess Law Firm is a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Law Firm and we represent people charged with all kinds of crimes, even juveniles. Juvenile criminal cases in Jacksonville are handled by circuit court judges and juvenile law is slightly different than adult criminal law.

Our Jacksonville law firm has represented children charged with sex crimes. There is a such thing as a “juvenile sex offender”. A juvenile sex offender is:

1. a juvenile who has been found by the court to have committed a sex crime
2. a juvenile found to have committed a felony involving juvenile sex abuse. Juvenile sex abuse is defined as any sexual behavior that occurs without consent or as a result of coercion.

When a child is adjudicated a juvenile sex offender, the court has to make a determination about where he or she should be placed. The juvenile judge can order the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to conduct or arrange for an examination to determine whether the juvenile sex offender is amenable to treatment. The report has to include:

1. The child’s account of the incident where the sexual behavior took place.

2. The child’s crime history.

3. An assessment of sexually deviant behaviors of the child.

4. An assessment of the child’s family, social, educational, and employment situation.

If your child is arrested for a sex crime in Jacksonville, contact a Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney immediately to discuss your child’s rights.

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