Kansas City Woman Arrested After Beating Up Son’s Kindergarten Teacher For Alleged Child Abuse

Simone A. Baker, the mother of a kindergarten boy Kansas City received a citation for criminal assault because, police say, she inflicted a vicious beating on the boy’s teacher at Truman Elementary School. Baker allegedly entered the school and proceeded directly to the unidentified teacher’s classroom at about 6 p.m. After stating to the teacher, “You better not touch my kid again,” she punched the teacher in the head five to ten times, jerked the teacher out of her chair by the hair, and then smashed the teacher’s head twice against a filing cabinet. There were no students in the classroom when the incident occurred.

Baker had a motive. Earlier in the day, her six-year-old son had come home with a scratch on his neck. He apparently told his mother that the teacher caused it when she had punished him for something during the school day. Hickman Mills School District officials told the local NBC affiliate that something did, in fact, happen between the kindergarten teacher and the student, but they provided no additional details.

Battery is defined as when a person “intentionally touches or strikes another person, without that person’s consent or intentionally causes bodily harm to another person.” A Battery becomes an Aggravated Battery if “during the commission of a battery, he/she: Intentionally or knowingly causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement; or Uses a deadly weapon.

Seeing one’s child harmed can cause many to lose their cool, and coupled with the accompanying accusation that the teacher was the cause of the harm, has landed many of Jacksonville’s citizens on the wrong side of the law. Sometimes because one cannot control one’s emotions, things get out of hand, for some, acting in a manner consistent with temporary insanity. Unfortunately, if a court feels that one’s sanity could be questioned when around the alleged victim, or the victim feels reasonably threatened by the accused, a restraining order may be obtained in certain situations that may restrict one’s movement in certain locations.

In this situation, the school district has already stated that they will attempt to prosecute Baker to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, a restraining order will most likely be brought against Baker forbidding her from entering school grounds. This will make taking her son to and from school a challenge, particularly if there is no school bus for her child to ride.

In the eyes of the law there is no excuse for acting out in rage. The outcome when acting on an unsubstantiated claim of abuse against one’s child can leave one in a lot of trouble and with a need for legal assistance to protect one’s rights, especially if that claim is later found baseless. There are many options one may choose when charged with a crime, but these options are subject to disappear the longer one waits to choose.

Some become enraged at the idea of someone causing harm to someone important in their life and act out in defense. However, the consequences of acting out may be worse than one may realize, and may appear the end to someone just charged with the crime. If one has been charged with a similar crime, one should obtain an experienced attorney to fight the case and ensure ones’ rights are protected.

The key to obtaining a favorable outcome when being accused of an assault or battery crime of this nature is thorough investigation of the circumstance of the offense, particularly establishing that one’s actions were for the protection of one’s young children Through proper investigation, one’s experienced violent crimes defense attorney can determine if the prosecution has satisfactory evidence to establish guilt, and if so, will be able to help the accused fashion a sentence which satisfies the requirement for punishment, but is beneficial to the accused’s rehabilitation and is compatible with the accused’s parental responsibilities.

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Additional Source: Enraged mom beats the crap out of kindergarten teacher, Yahoo News

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