Kidnapping in Florida

Kidnapping and False Imprisonment are different crimes in Florida. Kidnapping is when someone forcibly abducts or imprisons someone against his or her will without authority. The “kidnapper” must also have the intent to hold the victim for ransom, commit any felony, inflict bodily harm on the victim, or interfere with the performance of a government function. If found guilty of kidnapping in Florida, the defendant it is facing a first degree felony. If the “kidnapper” kidnaps someone a child under 13 years-old and in the course of the kidnapping commits aggravated child abuse, sexual battery, lewd or lascivious battery, lewd or lascivious molestation, prostitution, or exploitation of the child, this elevated the charge to a life felony. The kidnapping laws are the same whether you are arrested in Duval County, Clay County, Nassau County, or any county in Florida.

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