Kingsland Couple Carjacks Taxicab Driver at Knifepoint

Jacksonville’s citizens get crazy in their ideas sometimes. Immaturity, restlessness and pure thoughtless behavior become the push behind the illegal activity. However, if one considers the consequences of the activity one is participating in, one becomes highly aware that one’s freedom may become restricted for a long period of time. Fortunately, if one in this situation obtains an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case, one can ensure one’s rights are defenses will be known and protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Curtis Amelio Hardy, 25, and Jennifer Kay Brazell, 28, both of Kingsland, are charged with motor vehicle hijacking. Hardy and Brazell’s arrests came after the two threatened a taxicab driver with a knife, stole cell phones from the man, and then stole his taxicab. The taxicab was later abandoned. With the help of police bloodhounds, Hardy and Brazell were both found in a trailer park nearby.

Jacksonville carjacking crimes are serious offenses for all involved, because of the violent nature and complicated nature of the crime. Unfortunately, more young people are accused of crimes of this nature simply because of the thrill involved. However, the terror that will fill one’s life when charged with a crime like this will make one wish one could turn back the clock.

Under Florida Statute 812.133, carjacking is first-degree felony offense. If no weapon is involved in the carjacking, then the offense can bring as much as thirty years in prison. However, if a deadly weapon of any type is involved, then the punishment for the crime extends to life imprisonment. This is a harsh reality for the an accused party to face, particularly for a party with no criminal record.

Many times in Jacksonville, accused parties feel that the nature of their crime is not that serious or that the punishment for such a crime could be lessened because they have been good in the past. However simple an idea this may be, the fact is that a clean record with the legal system may show a Judge that one is not a hardened criminal or someone who should be locked for the maximum amount of time allowable.

Many times within the legal system, one’s past may hold the key to one’s future. Judges will look at the character and past good and bad acts of the accused when contemplating sentencing. Particularly if the crime is of a heinous nature or one that might cause a Judge to render a harsher punishment upon the accused, if one has a good record, such as documented good behavior in the community, or no run-ins with the law, then the Judge might take a second look and lighten one’s punishment.

Many accused parties throughout Jacksonville face criminal charges of this nature all of the time. For some, the reality of lengthy jail time is coming fast leaving no way to fight back. However, if one in this situation obtains an experienced Jacksonville carjacking crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected, one will be able to know that one will have the best defense possible to one’s charge and that one will be able to move on from this bump in the road to the future.

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