Large Number of Utah Police Officers Punished

This past year in Utah, 23 police officers were fired, 30 were suspended, and 22 were disciplined, according to an article in the Desert News. These police officers:

1. Were involved in Sexual misconduct
2. Used Illegal Drugs
3. Drove Under the Influence (DUI)
4. Committed Domestic Battery
Police officers in Jacksonville are polygraphed before they are hired, but once hired, they are never asked or forced to take another lie detector test. Jacksonville police officers have been convicted of murder, rape, bank fraud, and theft, but have never been charged, arrested, or prosecuted for lying (perjury). There are many good police officers, but bad officers should be held to a higher, if not the same, standard for their misconduct. Police officers can not only take away your liberty, but also can take your life with virtual immunity.

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