Law Student Arrested For Attempted Murder in Florida

Law students, like many other types of students, have many stresses placed on them. Sometimes, these law students cannot handle these stresses and simply overreact, leading to criminal charges. When this happens, one should contact an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case.

According to the Naples Daily News, Robert Ringley, an Ave Maria law student, has been accused of trying to shoot his roommate, a fellow law student, and threatening his ex-girlfriend’s life. Thet altercation began after Ringley, 25, asked for his ex-girlfriend to come to his apartment and talk about their relationship.

Florida gun crimes can be some very intriguing cases, especially when one throws law students into the mix. Between relationships, grades, having enough time for sleep and having enough time for a social life, stresses such as these can be very taxing. Unfortunately, when one combines alcohol with a broken heart, things can get ugly.

Ringley has been charged with attempted murder, a first degree felony, which can bring as much as life imprisonment. On top of that, Ringley has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against his ex-girlfriend.

In the legal system, one has many options for obtaining an attorney, be it through privately seeking an attorney, obtaining a court appointed attorney, or defending one’s self. Sometimes, one may feel competent enough in their knowledge of the law to defend themselves in court. Sometimes this option works; other times, it ends in very harsh consequences.

In many situations, a law student, especially one with decent grades, would consider him or herself as a master of the law. However, this is not normally the case. Like anyone, when thrown into the heat of facing criminal charges, is likely not able to see possible defenses that an outside source such as an experienced Jacksonville gun crimes attorney can and will provide.

Furthermore, the accused, whether accused falsely or not, is significantly better suited with an experienced attorney at his or her side. The attorney, in many ways, acts as a sort of intermediary, which softens some of the blow with respect to punishment. However, with an experienced attorney who knows the judge that one will go before, that punishment may be lessened even further.

In the case of Ringley, Ringley already has a misdemeanor DUI arrest, for which he was placed on a 12 month probation, and had to agree to undergo random alcohol testing afterwards and have no alcohol in his residence. As the facts show, Ringley broke all three requirements. This case will not pan out well if Ringley goes before the Judge by himself.

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