License Suspension and DUI Arrests in Jacksonville

When you are arrested for DUI in Jacksonville, there are two different agencies involved. The first is the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and state attorney’s office. These two offices work to prosecute the criminal part of the DUI. The other office involved in a DUI is the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This is the administrative part of the DUI.

If you blow over the legal limit, your driver’s license will be suspended through DMV for six months. You are eligible for a hardship license after a hard 30 days of no driving. The suspension starts 10 days after you are arrested for the DUI. The officer should give you a citation for the DUI. This is a business purpose driver’s license for the 10 days following your arrest. You can drive to work, school, and to the doctor.

If you refuse to blow into the breathilizer, your license will be suspended for 12 months. Even if your DUI is dropped or reduced to a Reckless Driving, your license will remain suspended. After the 10 day grace period after the DUI arrest, you cannot drive for 90 days and are eligible for a hardship permit for the remaining nine months of the suspension.

If you hire a Jacksonville DUI Attorney before the 10 day grace period expires, the criminal defense attorney will request a Formal Review Hearing from DMV. Because DMV wants to take away your license, you are entitled to a hearing before they do it. The Jacksonville DUI lawyer will be able to get you a temporary driving permit and keep you driving while your DUI case is pending.

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