Man Convicted of Slashing Wife’s Face at Jacksonville Salon Club

Jacksonville’s citizens sometimes get angry and do things that are irrational and that, if accomplished, will lead to physical harm of another or possible death of another. No matter what the circumstance, those actions have the consequences of legal action; one in a situation like this should obtain an experienced attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, Jay Lemuel Donnel Kennedy has been convicted of attempted first-degree murder after allegedly slashing his wife’s face at a Jacksonville salon, trying to cut her throat. The conviction came after Kennedy came to Jacksonville from Georgia with the intent of killing his wife at a flea market hair salon. Kennedy faces life in prison because he is a habitual offender.

Jacksonville felony violent crimes cases typically are crimes of passion or crimes that are much more based on the mindset of the accused committing the crime. Many times, violent crimes of this nature are crimes that seen as cold and methodical; however, many times, the accused has simply lost all control for a brief moment. Unfortunately for the accused in a prosecution like this, a crazed individual is not the image that a jury will see nor here, many times.

Many times in a case such as this, one’s mental state at the time that the crime was allegedly committed can be the key to winning one’s case. Many times prosecutors will try to paint a picture of a defendant who planned for a long period of time an act that probably only took five seconds to think up and was probably based on an irrational thought that caused the accused to lose control.

Unfortunately for many accused people in our broken legal system, the State prosecutor does more than just attempt to show that the defendant committed the crime in question, but attempts to show that the accused is a menace to society that should not be able to walk the streets ever again. For many, the system makes a victim of the accused party, leaving a broken individual having to pick up the pieces from a legal invasion.

The legal system is not just meant to protect those who have been wronged by those people who have committed bad acts. The legal system and the Constitution’s primary purpose is to protect the due process of law and make sure that the accused in a criminal prosecution has rights and that that those rights are duly protected in order to ensure fairness and justice. Those rights are not protected when the accused is made to suffer at the hands of a State attorney who wants their own personal revenge on the accused.

One has but few options when being attacked by the possibility of a criminal prosecution.
One can give in to the taunting and hassling of the State, or one can obtain an experienced Jacksonville felony-violent crimes defense attorney to fight for one’s case and ensure one’s rights and defenses are known and protected. If one obtains an experienced attorney, one will be able to ensure that one will not be made a victim of the State and that one will have all of one’s rights protected.

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Additional Source:Man convicted of slashing wife’s face, nearly her throat, at her Jacksonville salon job, Scott Butler, The Florida Times-Union

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