Man Tasered by Jacksonville Police After Pulling Weapon

A 22-year-old man was arrested after he was Tasered by police because he allegedly pulled a weapon on an officer, The Florida Times-Union reports.

Cases against police are especially difficult to defend, which is even more of a reason to hire an experienced and aggressive Jacksonville criminal defense attorney.When officers are considered the victims in cases, jurors sometimes have a difficult time giving the defendant a fair trial. That’s why jury selection to some is considered the most important part of a trial. Weeding out jurors who will be biased against the defendant and those who can’t be open-minded is perhaps as important as presenting the facts in a Jacksonville aggravated assault or murder case.

Jury selection happens in the first days of a trial, as attorneys are able to extensively question prospective jurors in a group and sometimes individually. This is a critical stage because there are jurors who attempt to be selected as a juror so they can automatically find the defendant guilty.

Some people are so pro-police they won’t stop to consider the facts that are presented. And the judge will tell prospective jurors that they must take an oath to judge the case solely on the facts. Sometimes that doesn’t stop these people from dropping their preconceived notions.

That’s why an experienced lawyer must be trusted to ask the type of questions that will lead those people to being excused in favor of citizens who can objectively look at the facts and come to a correction decision on the guilt or innocence of a defendant.

In this man’s case, he now faces charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed gun and knife.

The situation escalated recently when a staff member of the United Congregation Community Youth Center heard noise outside and found the man making loud noises on a slide. When the staffer told the man to leave, he refused.

When police arrived, the newspaper reports, the officer asked him to come over, but he refused and began cursing and acting angrily. When the officer pulled out a Taser, the man allegedly pulled out a gun, was shot with the Taser and then dropped his gun.

While being handcuffed, the officer allegedly found the loaded gun and a 12-inch steak knife hidden in his pants.

What must be considered in this case is whether the officer followed protocol by using a Taser on the man or if a different approach may have calmed the situation. It also must be discovered whether the man was committing a crime by sitting at the park, if it is a public place, and whether police response was required in that situation. Whether eyewitnesses were around must also be considered.

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