Michigan Police Officer Arrested for Fraud

A Detroit, Michigan police officer has been arrested for uttering, theft, identity theft, and criminal misconduct. Stevie Perry was arrested for the felonies after an investigation into allegations that he pretended to be tipsters for “reward” money. He is accused of pocketing the money intended for people who tell police information on crimes.

In Jacksonville, Florida, if you are arrested for uttering, the prosecutor would have to prove that you cashed, or tried to cash, a check you know was forged or counterfeited with the intent to defraud someone.

The conduct of Perry should call into question all arrests he has made in his career. The felonies he has been charged with are crimes of dishonesty. The most important characteristic a police officer should have is honesty, because police are the only people in our society who can take your life and liberty with virtual immunity.

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