More Legal Terms You Should Know

Threat – A communicated intent to harm someone.

Truancy – The intentional failure to attend school by a juvenile who is required to attend. Parents of a juvenile may be arrested if their children repeatedly fail to go to school.

Trusty – A inmate who is given special privileges because they are considered trustworthy by jail authorities.

Uttering – The crime of presenting a fake or worthless check with the intent to defraud the person you are presenting it to.

Venue – The proper place for the trial because that place is where the crime was committed. If a crime is committed in Duval County, the proper venue, or location for trial, is Jacksonville.

Verdict – The jury’s finding or decision of Not Guilty or Guilty in a criminal case.

Victim Impact Statement – A statement read into the record during a sentencing on criminal charges to inform the judge the physical, psychological, and financial impact the crime had on the victim and their family.

Voir Dire – Jury Selection. The process of examining and questioning possible jurors on a criminal case. The jury member is considered suitable if they can be fair and impartial in their determination of the guilt or innocence of a person accused of criminal charges.

Warrant – A court order directing JSO to make an arrest or search.

Work Release Program – In Jacksonville, if you plea to criminal charges, you may be eligible for work release. You sleep in custody, but during the day, you are allowed to leave custody and work. The work release program gets a percentage of your pay.

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