The Forbess Law Firm Verdict of Not Guilty Sexual Battery Trial

Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorneys conducted a trial for Sexual Battery and our client was found NOT GUILTY.

Our client, S.K., was arrested for Sexual Battery (Rape) in Jacksonville. Both our client and the alleged victim are in the Navy. After a command party in the Navy, both parties drank alcohol and had sex. The next morning, the alleged victim goes to the Navy hospital and reports a rape. She is evaluated by Navy doctors and the Sexual Assault Response Center. A tampon is wedged all the way up to her cervix and had to be removed by a nurse because the alleged victim was unable to remove it herself. The police conduct a control call to our client, which is a recorded call between the alleged victim and our client. S.K. repeatedly tells her he thought the sex was consensual, but he guessed it wasn’t and repeatedly apologized. The case went to jury trial. Our Jacksonville Sex Crimes Attorneys fully investigated the case revealing many conflicts in the evidence. Our Jacksonville Trial Lawyers also introduced evidence that the alleged victim lied several times. After deliberating for just 18 minutes, the Jacksonville jury came back with a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

It is very easy to make accusations, especially in sex cases. Many times, there is no physical evidence and the only evidence in the whole case is the alleged victim’s word.

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