Nassau County Principal’s Domestic Battery Charges Dropped

A school principal was arrested for domestic battery in Nassau County. James Rodeffer is a principal at Yulee Middle School. The criminal charges have now been dropped in Nassau County.

Rodeffer’s wife told police that he grabbed her arm and slapped her face. After investigating the allegations further, the prosecutor in the case decided to drop the charge.

Many people don’t know how easy it is to be arrested for domestic battery. All you have to do is touch someone you live with against their will. If you are facing domestic battery charges, you are also facing up to a year in jail and probation. If you enter a plea to domestic battery, you may be prevented from buying a gun or entering certain secure work areas. In almost every domestic battery probation in Jacksonville, you will also have to attend the Batterers Intervention Program, which is an intensive 26 week class. Make sure to have a Jacksonville Domestic Battery Attorney review your case before you enter a plea.

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