NFL player may be charged with DUI manslaughter in Florida

NFL player, Donte Stallworth, may be facing DUI manslaughter charges in Florida after an accident where a pedestrian was killed. The Miami prosecutor’s office is waiting for the full toxicology report, but it is being reported that Stallworth’s blood alcohol level was .14, almost double the DUI legal limit of .08 in Florida.

Stallworth performed field sobriety exercises and the police said he showed indications of impairment. Police also drew his blood. If you have been involved in a car crash where someone died, the Florida police can draw your blood with or WITHOUT your permission. If someone dies or suffers great bodily harm, including the impaired driver, the police can draw blood.

After a mandatory blood draw in Florida, it is customary for the toxicology results to take 3-4 months to come back. In the mean time, the driver is not arrested until the police get the report and if the alcohol level is above .08 or if their are drugs in the system. The police then obtain an arrest warrant for DUI manslaughter.

If you are convicted of DUI manslaughter in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida, you are facing up to 15 years in prison with a 4 year minimum mandatory. That means if convicted, the least amount of time you will do is 4 years unless the prosecutor and judge waive the minimum.

There are defenses to DUI manslaughter and a good DUI Lawyer in Jacksonville will explore them all.

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