Online Thief Hits Wells Fargo Bank Account In Jacksonville

Jacksonville is growing rapidly every year in the technological world, making life easier for its citizens every day. However, as technology advances, so does the knowledge and ability of criminals to steal using that same technology. No matter what the reason for the theft, when one is charged with an online theft crime such as this, one should contact an experienced attorney so that one can ensure one’s rights are protected.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the police are investigating a theft crime involving a Wells Fargo account. The Jacksonville police say that $20,495 was stolen out of a man and his sister’s joint account by way of 37 online payments over a period of about 5 months.

Theft crimes in Jacksonville are typically associated with muggings, robberies, or burglaries. However, thieves are becoming more non-personal and operated via cyberspace. As such, most criminals are able at times to get away with online theft. As such, law enforcement, banks, and other online-accessible financial institutions are gearing up their security.

Even though online bank account theft is a relatively new form of theft, the crime itself remains the same, until the legislature makes a new, more specified criminal charge for it. Even though there is not a new charge for the crime, the police and other investigative units have methods of finding out where the money is being stolen from, where the stolen money is going, and most of the time what the money is being used for.

In the case of the Wells Fargo bank account theft, the police have been able to tell that the money stolen was used to pay for a number of different things, including a mortgage, a JEA bill, and a few credit card bills. However, the police are still investigating who was actually responsible for the theft.

One method by which police investigate bank account theft is by tracing where the account was accessed, how and by who’s computer. Unfortunately, people can be arrested for online theft even though they themselves may not have been the actual thief. Someone accused of a crime such as this may see no way out in this particular situation. However, there are defenses than experienced Jacksonville theft crimes attorney can provide:

– the accused did not access the computer at the time the theft was said to occur
– the accused never used the computer at all even though it was registered to the accused
– common public or common private familial usage of the computer
– the accused has no possession of any of any possessions bought
– the accused is not recorded nor is connected to any bills paid
No matter what the particular set of facts, one will normally have a defense that an experienced attorney will use on behalf of the accused to make sure that at minimum, the charges can be reduced, and if possible, have the charges dropped entirely.

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