Overall Florida Crime Data for 2010

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement compiles information and statistics from law enforcement agencies all over the state about crime. The most recent report the department issued is the 2010 Semi-Annual crime report.

As a whole, crime went down 4.8% from January to June of 2010. Reported rape crimes in Florida went down by 5.3%. Robberies went down by 17.1%. Aggravated Assault charges went down by 8.9%. Reported burglaries also dropped by 5.5%. Theft crimes, such as petty theft, shoplifting, and purse snatching went down by 1.7%.

For the first 6 months of 2010, 509,058 total adults and 458,288 juveniles were arrested. Of the adult number, 388,088 were men and 120,970 were women.

A total of $674,097,499 worth of property was reported stolen, with only $141,041,583 recovered. $64,440,717 of the property stolen was actual cash, $108,807,064 was jewelery and precious metals, $182,810,992 was stolen cars, and $4,718,517 was firearms.

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