Part 11 of Legal Terms You Should Know

Privilege – A special legal right that is granted to a class of people. In cases of Attorney-Client Privilege, the client can refuse to disclose and prevent any other person from discussing confidential communications between a client and their criminal attorney.

Probable Cause – A reasonable ground to suspect that a person has committed a particular crime. The standard is “more likely than not”.

Probative – Tending to prove or disprove something.

pro se – When you are pro se, you are acting on your own behalf without the assistance of a criminal lawyer. You are acting as your own attorney.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment – Punishment that is disproportionate to the crime you are charged with. Degrading, inhuman, or otherwise shocking to the moral sense of the community.

Reasonable Doubt – A doubt that prevents you from being firmly convinced of a criminal defendant’s guilt. The belief that there is a real possibility that the defendant is not guilty.

Rehabilitation – In criminal law, the improvement of a criminal defendant’s character so that he can function in the community without committing future crimes.

Restitution – The money that is owed to a crime victim for damage they have suffered. It can be money for damaged property, doctor bills, even for bad checks.

Restraining Order / Injunction – An order from the Court that prohibits a person from contacting or approaching another person. Typically, if an injunction is entered, in addition to no verbal contact, you cannot go within 500 feet of the other person, their home, or work. If you do, or the other person tells the police you did, you can be arrested for Violation of Injunction, which is a first degree misdemeanor punishable for up to 1 year in jail.

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