Part 4 Criminal Legal Definitions

Discovery – Required disclosure of facts or documents relevant to a criminal case. When requested, the state attorney has to give all police reports, videos, and any other evidence in the case. The state attorney has to also give evidence that tends to negate the guilt of the arrested suspect.

Deposition – A witness’s out-of-court sworn testimony. A Jacksonville defense attorney is able to ask any state’s witness questions under oath.

Due Process – The conduct of legal proceedings according to the rules established for the protection of your rights.

ex post facto – After the fact. ex post facto criminal laws are unconstitutional because if you do something that is later made illegal, the government cannot then go back and arrest you for an act that was legal at the time.

Expungement of Record – The removal of convictions from your criminal record.

Extradite – To surrender or deliver a fugitive to another city or jurisdiction. If you have an outstanding warrant in Clay County and are arrested in Jacksonville, you could get extradited to Clay.

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