Part 6 of Criminal Definitions

Impairment – The fact or state of being damaged, weakened, or diminished. You can be arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Jacksonville, Florida if you are driving a car while under the influence of alcohol to the extent your normal faculties are impaired.

Implicate – To claim that a person is involved in a crime.

Impound – To place a car or other personal property in the custody of the police. Many times, when you are arrested for felony criminal charges in Jacksonville and the police claim that a car was used in the commission of the felony, the police will impound your car. If money is owed on the car, the police will usually release the car back to you if you pay the impound and towing fees. If you own the car free and clear, the police are more likely to try to keep your car.

Imprisonment – The act of confining a person in prison in Florida.

Inchoate – When a crime is partially completed.

Incriminate – To charge someone with a crime or indicate someone’s involvement in a crime. (The state incriminated the robbery suspect in Jacksonville)

Indigent Defendant – A person who cannot afford to hire a criminal lawyer is eligible to receive the services of the Public Defender in Jacksonville. Everyone, no matter their financial status, is entitled to a criminal defense lawyer if they are charged with a crime.

Informant – Someone who gives the police information on another person usually in exchange for something. If you have pending criminal charges in Jacksonville and you have information on another crime, you may receive some consideration if you tell what you know.

Information – The formal criminal charging document filed by the prosecutor. The information shows the actual crimes you are being charged with. It has to be sworn-to by the prosecutor who signs it.

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